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Ways to help my friend? Finances, family, homelessness, disability - June 22nd 2016, 03:04 PM


I'm putting this here because my friend does know about the site and I don't know how she'd react to finding this.

Basically the situation with my friend is that she and her parents are illegal. Her two sisters were born here but my friend was not. She was taken here from Colombia when she was 3, so please don't think badly of her or anything. Please don't. Her father left her and the family about four months ago, leaving my friend to take care of the house because her two sisters are middle school and early high school age, and her mom is VERY disabled. She can't walk on her own and her hands are SEVERELY arthritic. She doesn't speak English.

To make matters worse, my friend had emergency surgery just a few days ago to remove her gallbladder.

And, on top of that, she and her family are being kicked out of their apartment and have to be out by the 30th of this month.

A friend of hers set up a gofundme, which she was really appreciative of, and I'm probably going to donate when I get a few large purchases squared away, since obviously I don't want to overdraw my own bank account.

But I want to do something beyond that too if possible. We also have a mutual friend who would want to help too.

But we're not sure what to do to help. I mean obviously donating is good but we also want to show that we care about her and her family. I was thinking maybe one thing we could do is maybe get together and cook a meal for her one day or something... But there has to be something better?