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Re: Anxiety Support - February 13th 2017, 01:39 PM

Hey there (and welcome to TeenHelp!)

I'm sorry to hear that you have anxiety and panic attacks- they aren't nice to deal with at all! It also must be difficult when you feel you don't get much support either.

Firstly, it's okay to have a panic attack and cry. I know it's a horrible feeling, but it can't hurt you and it will pass. There's also nothing to be ashamed of either, even though panic attacks may make you feel crazy, you aren't.

I'm wondering how you cope with your panic attacks? What did you do during the times you had to work through them yourself? Something that can help some people is breathing exercises- such as taking a deep breath from your abdomen in for three seconds and out for three seconds, until you feel calmer. Other things can involve gently moving around your environment and noticing things- what can you touch, hear, smell, see etc. I find that just sitting with a panic attack, acknowledging that you are having a panic attack and drinking a cool drink can help to calm down (the opposite of focusing on the panic causing more worry which can feed the panic attack).

It sounds like you've found some creative solutions for preventing panic attacks like carrying your stuffed whale and writing stories- they are great coping methods!

I'm really glad that you were brave enough to open up to your friends and family, even if you didn't get helpful responses. It can be difficult for people who haven't gone through anxiety themselves, to really understand how you are feeling. Though it sounds like your friends can be supportive, so perhaps you can let them know how you feel when you panic, and things that they can do that might help, or things that they should avoid doing?

I'm saddened to hear your mom and dad's reactions to your anxiety. They may also not know what anxiety is like and sometimes when people don't understand things they may try to dismiss it, especially if they don't know what they can do to help. Do you think it's worth trying to talk to them in general about anxiety, perhaps print off some information about anxiety and show it to them?

I'm wondering if there are other people in your life that you can talk to....perhaps another relative or someone at Church? Also, does your school have a counsellor? Counsellors can be really helpful in helping to treat and manage anxiety, as well as just being around to talk to about anything that bothers you. It may be worth looking into counselling, either from school or through a referral with the doctors.

Hope this helps a little

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