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Re: Anxiety Support - February 19th 2017, 07:52 PM

No worries!

It sounds like you have come up with some very good coping techniques to help calm you down and keep you grounded during a panic attack. Sweat jackets are definitely comforting, even if the anxiety makes you feel warm. Music and Netflix are great distractions too, though I understand it can be difficult when you are out in public. Something that my counsellor recommended to me was to play games in my mind like finding things beginning with a certain letter of the alphabet when I'm out as this distracts me from feeling self-conscious and focuses my feelings elsewhere rather than on panic.

I'm glad to hear that you have spoken to a lovely woman at Church who is supportive, even if she doesn't have much personal experience. It's nice just knowing she's there for you anyway. I'm sorry to hear the chaos at home, especially if you are home schooled. I'm wondering if there are any libraries, cafes or parks that you could go to and work instead, or if your parents would let you do that? It's unfair for you to do school work in a noisy environment, so it may be worth talking to your parents about this. Also, perhaps you can do some research and see if there are any anxiety support groups or charities in your area and see if they can provide counselling or some form of support to you?

I do understand you approaching your mom, especially if she has had panic attacks before. I'm sorry she wasn't helpful and it can definitely be devastating to find you haven't got her support. I'm wondering if your mom has her anxiety under control? I find that when people struggle with things, they may be reluctant to help others struggling with the same thing because they may feel they do not know how to help. Perhaps you can share with each other your coping techniques for when you feel anxious? It can be a start to trying to get your mom to be more supportive.

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