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What would you look for in a school club related to disabilities? - August 13th 2017, 04:16 AM

Hey guys,

I am president of a club/organization in my school this upcoming school year. This club has a purpose of promoting awareness and acceptance of people with disabilities while letting people make friends, become confidence and grow socially and develop their skills and abilities. It's open to people with or without disabilities, so it helps people to connect with others of varying abilities and also learn about disabilities

So, what I would like to know from you guys is what you would want to see in a club or organization related to disabilities with the purpose listed above. I want to make sure the club is the best it can be and we do a good job at covering a lot of wants and needs. So, whether it's activities, an event, a discussion, etc that you would want to see if you were in a club like this, I really would like suggestions on what you think would be best to include!

One of our big worries is retaining members. I know this sounds bad, but a concern the club advisor has, and I agree with, is some of the people with disabilities in the club may come as a "shock" to someone who is able-bodied. For example, one of the members has cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair and has a different speech pattern. Someone who has never experienced this before may be scared that they are going to do something wrong or say something wrong and stop coming. It's not necessarily a "hate" thing. And even people with disabilities, we want to make sure everyone knows they're welcome and has input. We want everyone to feel comfortable and also know that they can share ideas and opinions, and if there is something they want to do or learn about, we want them to know that they totally can tell us and we will try to work with them to make it happen if it's something feasible.

So, I'm just looking for some ideas that we can maybe start out with. I really, really want this club to keep going strong even after I graduate in December and I want everyone to get a lot out of it.