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Re: What to do when doctors contradict each other? - September 11th 2019, 07:54 PM

Are you comfortable with seeing a new endocrinologist? If you are, then it might be worth going along and seeing what they have to say. Either your original endocrinologist was right and your new medication person wasn't, or the other way around. Though it can be confusing the more professionals that get involved, you may also be able to see which of your possible health issues is more accurate (the more professionals that can agree, the more likely the diagnosis/treatment option is correct).
I'm seeing a new woman for medication management who is a family nurse practitioner who experienced a lot of similar issues medically and also with trying to find someone to listen to her when she was my age, and she really wants me to get a second opinion so she sent a referral over to someone, who should be calling me soon. How should I explain everything that's already been done and explain my frustration? The medication management doctor wants me to ask them if it would be unreasonable to put me on a low dose of thyroid medication to see if it helps

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