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Question Dealing with my asinine parents - February 17th 2021, 10:57 PM

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Lately I have been having more and more problems with my parents. I guess it kinda started about a year ago when my ex and I had a mini pregnancy scare. We used birthcontrol but her period was a little late and eventually while she was freaked out she told her parents, who told mine, predictable outcome. It turns out she was one day too early in going to her parents lol, but I dont blame her, she was tight with her parents. But mine were upset and went off on me about ruining my future, not being prepared for real life or being a dad, on and on with that sort of stuff. I got it, and accepted what they were saying, and after a long time I was un grounded and life back to normal.

What they didnt know between now and then was I started going to a few partys, drinking, smoking pot and whatnot. With the whole covid thing going on there's been a lot less partys and I kinda had to move my stash home where it was eventually found by my dad in the garage while he was cleaning last month. Again they went off, and I stopped doing it for awhile.

Now earlier this month my current girlfriend and I were having sex in her car, parked in a pretty hidden spot by my house. But not hidden enough and next thing we knew my mom was knocking on the car window. It would almost be funny if it weren't me, if you know what I mean. Then to top it all off my mom or dad, I'm not sure which, has apparently learned how to use the router and discovered some of my browsing habits.

So now I'm about 3 steps past grounded, wherever that might be and things just seem to keep getting worse. They put a hold on my debit card and last week they took my phone and made me give her the password to shut off all the notifications. But my mom lied to me, or maybe she didn't, but she took the time to go thru it and found some of the pics me and my gf had been sharing.

Like im not trying to be mad or snotty with them; I know I messed up and its nobody's fault but mine. But those were private. That fact doesn't seem to matter to either of them. They went off again about all sorts of crap, from ruining both of our job opportunities if they got out, jail for underage porn, being a good example to my sister, not being able to get into college, not learning from my first mistake, how serious mistakes could be if my gf ended up pregnant, criminal charges from the pics, etc.

Now its like a police state, they shut off my phone and bank card. They didn't take my car since I bought it myself and its in my name, but that doesn't really matter since its out of gas and its covid time anyways. They went thru my stuff and found my secret secret stash, and freaked out again even tho it was only 2 joints.

My grades arnt nearly good enough either, apparently. I have to bring each one up to at least a b. No going out, no phone, no money. The parents were going to help me sign for loans and pay for the first term of college, but that offer has been pulled until I earn it back. They tried to take my laptop too, until they remember I need that for school rn. But what they dont know is that I already know the neighbors wifi password, lol.

So the prison state is in effect until I get my grades up, stop messing up, pass some random at home drug tests and yeah. But here is where things get weird, and your going to try to call me a troll. They, I dont know if its more my mom or dad, probably my mom honestly, want me to try out wearing a chastity belt now. Since they said that like 3 days ago ive done alot of google Fu and discovered alot of gross and weird stuff. But what they showed me isnt like what I'm finding online at all, which mostly seem to be kinky toys and guys who like to wear girls stuff. This is a medical grade silicone/metal waist belt connected to like a sports protective cup.

I dont know where they got the idea but its weird asf and... yeah. I get that they are looking out for my future want me to be more responsible. I get that they have tried grounding and all the rest in the past and it hasn't apparently changed things for me. But according to my mom my sex drive is overactive and interfering with good decision making, school and life in general, and ive shown that i cant be trusted. But that part of my life feels... private? I dont have to wear it at home, but any time I leave or if Im ever allowed to go hang out again. I dunno, the whole conversation felt like when my parents found the stuff on my phone or when they went thru my room. Invaded?

Im gonna try to give it a week or however long I can, best behavior and all that. But they said I don't get forever to decide since there needs to be an appointment with the life casting guy. He apparently does scoliosis casts to make body braces but for this would be doing a casting of my hips. No I don't have to be naked infront of him but wear a speedo or something. I know they cant make me go to the appointment, or wear anything. That would probably be child abuse. But I guess they are being very smart about it by making it my choice. Even though they are holding all the cards in the things they take away or refuse to give. Is that coercion? I dont have any grounds to object on medical or hygiene, since I dont have to wear it at home and it allows for all the normal body functions anyways.

Anyways I though I would post here. I haven't talked to anyone about this stuff and i guess it built up. Already feels better to get some of the thoughts out of my head and written down.

I dont know what else I expected by coming here, maybe just hearing other peoples thoughts will help.

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