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Ted - March 19th 2021, 12:25 PM

A month ago the staff of The Hole were arrested and thrown in the slammer for Grievous Bodily Harm to minors, Sexual Abuse to minors and 'Incitement To Violence' on some other pretext. My bestie who killed herself was bullied not only by other orphans, but also the staff. You bet they are going to pay for what they did.

Ted arrived last Wednesday, not tomorrow as was expected. Eventually, now we are together again our nightmares will go away. But what I wasn't expecting was seeing him pushing himself towards me in a wheelchair.

One of the staff members who worked at The Hole pushed him down steps, injuring his spine which caused his legs to stop working. The steps like all inside The Hole, were made of stone as were the floors. Cold hard stone. Ted managed to get his phone out and called Swiss Ambulance Rescue. Shortly after they arrived, the police, or "Fedpoles" arrived and arrested many of the staff. Ted was put on a gurney and helicoptered to hospital.

The Hole was demolished. It looked liked a forbidding castle, the type seen in a horror film. How I wished I'd been there, wearing a hard hat and smashing the **** out of place with a JCB. The Hole that had served as an orphanage for three decades has since been leveled to the ground. The news made the canton newspapers, and then there was a press blackout, because the orphans, all of them minors, will be going to a closed court hearing to give evidence, including Ted and me, when we're due to be summoned.

I've never told anyone this, but Ted and I have been in a relationship for four years. We never had many arguments. He looks like a mangled teddy bear. He's not a good looker, but that's nothing to me. Ted has a big heart. He's gentle, though not a pushover. He'll stand his ground even to me and some of you know what a gob****e I am. Ted's got kind amber eyes and floppy hair the colour of autumn leaves. He's just one big cuddlesome bear. The day we met was the day we fell in love. Since we got sprung from The Hole, he and I are having counselling. Now he's here, he'll be having sessions with the same lady as me. She's a lovely lady. Says I'm doing well.

Now before anyone gets their oar in, Ted and I have never had a sexual relationship. We were too young anyway. Sure we've had kisses and cuddles, but in the dark of the night when we wept, cuddled up. We survived by having each other's back, sneaking in to the other's bedroom at night. Just being snuggled together to keep the spooks from haunting us. And the screams, often in the middle of the pitch black night. Smoking helped get my stress down in that horrible place. Please, don't even think about private messaging me, getting on my back and slapping me down with petty platitudes in a tirade against smoking or cuddling or you'll get a nasty reply and I'll make you sit up a bit.

I'm not going to write about The Hole because you won't sleep at night. I can't even get past the first page, so Wendi and Julie said don't bother. It's all in the past now. But The Hole will never be forgotten for the lives of young people it ruined.

Good news is Ted did have an operation in Switzerland and he's having other op next week which, with physiotherapy, should make him able to walk again. In the meantime we're continuing counselling.

Ted gave me a beautiful vintage Gretsch which Leonardo helped him select. It's a special present for us finally, finally being reunited together. The guitar's sound is mellow. It sounds as sweet as a nut. Such a pleasure to play. A lovely gift from my beautiful guy.

We'll be starting a new school this September. In the meantime Ted will need to readjust, get used to living in Monaco with me and my family. My awesome family. He already knew about my mother Anna. I love that he's so cool about it. What exactly it is, is private, but of little consequence to our family, Leonardo included.

I've had to give up Law. The pressure was causing me to burn out. That's why I've ceased the relentless coursework and homework. Instead, I've the option of teaching languages and English and French Literature. I'd love to teach. I think I'll have a lot to share.

That's all. Got to go now and have late lunch. I'll be back some time. Don't know when.