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Re: Ted - March 26th 2021, 07:55 AM

Originally Posted by Everglow. View Post
This is wonderful news, Tommy. I'm so glad it went well. I hope the side effects wear off quickly and he does okay with his physio. Wishing him the best.
I just have thanks, and he thanks you. But Ted's been vomiting. It's the side effect of this awful anesthetic. Add in my anxiousness and feelings of yuk, ick and everything else, we're not the best pair.

The doctor gave an anti-emetic to Ted, and then 20 minutes later returned to give me one of these tablets - she'd only gone and phoned my sisters, asking permission.

Do you know, it's just occurred to me that presently, you're the only one here who has time to talk to me. I feel very lonely on the forums. It's not a pleasant feeling posting, and nobody answers except you.