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Re: I'm just so lonely - January 12th 2010, 03:15 AM

Tell me about it Alexa! It seems like sometimes no matter how hard you try, it's impossible to find the "mr. right". That sort of sick of being single stage is aweful, but it will pass.

One way you can get over this whole "boyfriendless feeling" is to set a goal. Whether it's doing a marathon or getting straight A's or some other lame example I come up with it doesn't matter. If you take your mind off of guys you'll notice A. You're really accomplishing a lot and that raises your self esteem which makes you more confident to try new things and thus meet more guys and B. A watched pot never boils. Honestly I spent the last month training for a pageant and I met 3 cute guys who might sorta kinda like me if we were to see if we could have a relationship in that get the picture.

But if you really want to meet more guys outside of your social circle one of the best things to do is to join a class a rec department or some community club thing. Pick a group that interests you and is a program where guys would usually go (like you might really like dress making but I'm not sure how many you're looking for might go for that activity. The main idea is just to be yourself and stay confident. And keep an open mind, maybe it's not time for Mr. Perfect just yet, but you can learn a lot about relationships and what you look for in them when you go along with Mr. Not too bad.

I hope things work out. Keep your head up Alexa, who ever he is he'll come around soon

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