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Re: Where do young people have sex? - November 19th 2011, 11:26 AM

Originally Posted by cptdean View Post
talk to your parents, you are 20 and they should be understanding. get a lock on your door, or put a wedge on your side of the door so they cant get in by accident.
They are VERY non-understanding It is a very reasonable thing to do, what you suggest. But they behave like they were first time in love when they were 30.

I am uncomfortable about asking them straight on what to do, but when I make an obvious hint like - I ask my father to let me go to summer house with my girlfriend - he is always like "Cool, I'm going with you".

When I ask my mother where can me and my girlfriend have a bit of privacy - she is like "Why would you need it, when I was young I used to go to the movies, theatres, bla bla...".

Hell, when I ask them both if me and my girlfriend can stay alone at least during the New Year's eve, while they are away - they say "Surely, you won't mind looking after you sister". And of course, they leave us with her. Or bring me grandmother. Or anything you may imagine - just so that I don't get to be alone in my home.

Sometimes, I think they do it intentionally