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Suicidal thoughts and self harm urges before period - March 20th 2012, 06:56 PM

Last night I sobbed for hours and was thinking about committing suicide and self-harm. I kept thinking it doesn't matter, it's never going to get any better, I should just end it once and for all, etc.

It was about three pm when I started trying not to cry and having self-harm thoughts at school. On the bus that morning, I thought about how much of a failure I am, how I should just give up, etc.

I wanted to self-harm when I got home at about four, but I just started crying then fell asleep. I started having suicidal thoughts last night. I was wondering what was wrong because I'm usually not like this and then I woke up with blood on my underwear in the morning.

Today I was anxious, irritable, upset, a bit angry, but not suicidal. I didn't think rationally last night and I know I can't think completely rationally today.

I have really light periods other than that though. I get about four day periods maybe five times a year. I don't even get headaches or cramps. This has happened before. Same thing pretty much. A turbulent night of sobbing and feeling suicidal and waking up and realizing I'm on my period.