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Question Not sure how to talk to my doctor about this... - April 30th 2012, 08:13 PM

I dont get periods, maybe one or two a year. even though I'm on the pill. My fiancee was extremely concerned over this and thought it might be an indicator of infertility and asked me to ask my doctor if there was a way to find out if I'm able to have kids in the future when I go for my yearly exam this summer. The reason he wanted to know is because if I was unable to have kids he wanted permission to go have sex with other women because he wants a child really bad. even though he is 19, I told him no because I want to finish school first and he isnt in school at all. But I have been reading stuff online and my lack of periods could be an indicator of infertility, I stopped taking my birth control a year ago because I cant afford it and I got tired of my mother counting my birth control pills and demanding information from my fiancee about my sex life. Since stopping I've only had 2 periods since last march. And I'm not pregnant. But I am unsure how to ask my doctor if I'm able to get pregnant with out him thinking that I am going to be trying to get pregnant.

How do I go about having this conversation with my doctor?