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  1. Is She Using?
  2. is this substance use
  3. Triggering (Substances): My Brother
  4. Nicotine gum
  5. Triggering (Substances): Was it a bad trip? Am i crazy?
  6. Triggering (ED): Nervous:/
  7. Difficulty controlling adderall use?
  8. Triggering (Substances): my past and future <3
  9. Smoking 'Pot'
  10. Does caffeine do anything to you?
  11. Triggering (Substances): Getting on the Horse again
  12. My Parents Think Im Doing Drugs. HELP .
  13. Druggie at 12
  14. Withdrawal is a bitch! Or maybe that's just me...
  15. Alcohol Blackouts
  16. Alcohol to forget?
  17. Triggering (Substances): Soberity
  18. I want to support him in anyway possible.
  19. Triggering (Substances): Im addicted to getting high on anything.
  20. Non-PG13: Relapsing
  21. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Warning to those who abuse OTC drugs
  22. Medicines/Drugs?
  23. Dealing with my problem with alcohol
  24. Triggering (Substances): Still have urges to use.
  25. I don't know what to do
  26. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Want to Quit
  27. Alcohol problems
  28. Triggering (Substances): Grew up a fkn screw up.
  29. Triggering: Alcoholic?
  30. Serious Advice please?
  31. Drinking alone?
  32. Down the drain...
  33. using Benadryl to get high
  34. what drug did i take?
  35. Never drank (not really)
  36. Question about weed use and finding a police officer job.
  37. First time.
  38. Does anyone actually stop smoking pot?
  39. So ashamed
  40. drinking?
  41. Stop smoking pot? need a person who quit
  42. kind of a rant.. about my stepdads marijuana
  43. Triggering: So...
  44. My friend drinks bleach
  45. Helping Someone
  46. weird trip
  47. Triggering: Is this right????? Help????
  48. anyone into psychedelics... o.o
  49. Stress
  50. Psychological addiction
  51. Help?
  52. I Can't Take My Own Advice
  53. Sniffing nail polish and remover?
  54. Triggering (Substances): Not trying anymore
  55. Triggering (Substances): Cravings are Calling
  56. Triggering (Substances): Accepting My Alcoholism
  57. Trying to help my friend. PLEASE respond
  58. Slipping Back
  59. Its The Oddest Thing...
  60. Reasons Not to Smoke Marijuana.
  61. My Best Friend Thinks I have a problem
  62. Electronic Cigarettes.
  63. Help.. Need Advice..
  64. Abuse because of herion!
  65. Sex with boys!
  66. Need help ..
  67. Please help me help him.
  68. Acohol is becoming a problem
  69. Triggering (Substances): Heroin, Marijuana &Cocaine
  70. hmm what do i think about thisss?
  71. Do you know what you are doing when you are high?
  72. omg i feel horrible
  73. weed's effects on the pill
  74. Trying to Change my Drinking Desire into a Healthy Thing
  75. Alcoholic Slip-Up :(
  76. Painkillers/ Anti-Anxiety/ Sleep Medications
  77. Triggering (Substances): Story of my marijuana trip & lasting effects
  78. Help- is weed a big deal?
  79. Triggering: The formation of a new obsession..
  80. Triggering: Just out of rehab. ):
  81. Triggering (Substances): My Friend Wants to Try Marijuana
  82. Marijuana Quiz + Personal Questions.
  83. Triggering (Substances): Marijuana, It's affect on me and opinions please!
  84. Triggering (Substances): Abuse
  85. Triggering: We Hide From the Real Word (Triggering Suicide, Self Harm, and Substances)
  86. Triggering (Abuse): My drug addictions, how can i beat it
  87. Marijuana; goodbye my love
  88. Hi My Names Chelsea & I'm An Alcoholic
  89. How do you deal with withdrawal?
  90. Will a shot of whiskey count as drinking?
  91. I think I have a drinking problem
  92. Responsibility
  93. alcohol tolerance
  94. drug usage poll
  95. drug usage poll
  96. Time to get clean..
  97. Marijuana and Anti-Depressants?
  98. My mum has a drinking problem. :(
  99. Shisha/hookah
  100. Medical Marijuana?
  101. my friend
  102. Triggering (Substances): mkat and alchohol
  103. I don't know how to deal with this :(
  104. Triggering: Drinking
  105. scared:(
  106. Triggering (Substances): I OD
  107. Nutmeg
  108. Marijuana Gateway.
  109. Lightweight?
  110. Triggering (Substances): Can't get away from it
  111. Is this a problem? (Alcohol)
  112. Cutting Back on the Green.. FACK! >.<
  113. Triggering (Substances): Erm, dope.
  114. took too many for the first time...
  115. Does this Happen to Any of You Guys? (Alcohol)
  116. Triggering (Substances): Substance Abuse
  117. depression and substance abuse a nasty cycle....
  118. Triggering (Substances): I've been thinking..
  119. it needs to stop.
  120. Does synthetic marijuana lower the effectiveness of birth control?
  121. i dont like who i have become any advice,aderall,weed,pain pills, k2
  122. I have a drinking problem
  123. Smoking pot
  124. chances of getting caught this way?
  125. Triggering (Substances): Overdosed
  126. Craving . . .
  127. back to feeling numb
  128. A friend on drugs..
  129. Parents got me thinking
  130. My mother uses oxy cotton alot! what should i do?
  131. Triggering (Substances): I smoke too much
  132. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): addiction to what exactly?:/
  133. abusing diet pills
  134. Possible Adderall overdose, please help.
  135. Is my 'recreational' Adderall use relatively okay?
  136. how to stop?
  137. Can't function socially.
  138. What do you think about smoking?
  139. Triggering (Substances): For or Against?
  140. Meth Project
  141. My friend was using drugs
  142. Triggering (Abuse): How do I get off the drugs?
  143. Slow heart rate pills...Good stuff
  144. Triggering: 13 is wayyt oo young.
  145. Non-PG13: What's so bad about pot...?
  146. How do you deal with cravings? (Pills...)
  147. My friend know some people that are doing drugs, and I don't know how I can help.
  148. what am i supposed to say?
  149. What made you start smoking?
  150. My Little Cousin
  151. anti depressants and weed?
  152. Smoking and Birth Control
  153. Pill Popping... </3
  154. My mon caught me with weed
  155. Triggering (Substances): I think I might be in trouble
  156. how high of a heart rate is immediately dangerous?
  157. Worried about my friend
  158. Am I the only one?
  159. Mum's onto me, please help quickly!!!
  160. Triggering (Substances): Addiction?
  161. misdiagnosed ADHD??
  162. Weed for depression
  163. Triggering (Substances): first time
  164. Triggering (Substances): Hallucinogens
  165. Nicotine gum
  166. Adderall/Concerta make me sick?
  167. support in giving up
  168. Methamphetamine
  169. Weed smoking help ADHD?
  170. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): addicted to smoking at 17?
  171. Triggering (Grieving): Alcohol abuse advice
  172. Triggering (Substances): What happen you add alcohol to your antidepressants?
  173. Adderoll.
  174. Snus ??
  175. friends doing drugs
  176. problem or not a problem
  177. Triggering (Substances): Just need help.
  178. no appetite. is there any reason not to smoke pot?
  179. abuse or not?
  180. Once upon a use . . .
  181. Triggering (Substances): Trying To Help
  182. Triggering (Substances): Amphetamine/Stimulant - long term affects on the brain?
  183. Triggering (Substances): Friend.
  184. Triggering (Substances): Abusing Narcotics...
  185. Alcoholics?
  186. Cops
  187. Being pissed from not smoking
  188. Alcohol abuse?
  189. Triggering (Substances): Salvia Divinorum (mexican tripping weed) Addictive potential
  190. alcohol
  191. Triggering (Substances): Vodka
  192. School and weed
  193. Friend bought me some weed...
  194. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): (substances)
  195. Triggering (Substances): mescaline(peyote/SanPedro) anyone tried it?
  196. a wedding
  197. Has K2/Spice ever made you more upset to the point you'd be physical with someone?
  198. Triggering (Substances): Spice and Voices ?
  199. Still Have Urges to Use
  200. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): advice needed or jus a friend that knows what im goin through
  201. Laced?
  202. Valerian and Antihistamines?
  203. I want to live a straight edge lifestyle
  204. marijuana.
  205. Withdrawals?
  206. Triggering (Substances): Sleep Walking
  207. It's a major temptation.
  208. saw dust
  209. alcohol urges
  210. Triggering (Substances): Parents on Spice...
  211. TMX (pure caffiene.)
  212. I may be starting a problem.
  213. My story: Think Before You Drink
  214. Uh Oh Alcohol!
  215. Is this an addiction?... or what?
  216. Triggering: Pop. Puff. Cut
  217. Is this a problem?
  218. Having a Bad High
  219. Triggering: flashbacks...
  220. Triggering (Substances): Dope: Not the kind that grows in dirt
  221. I Think You Should All Know
  222. Still clean if?....
  223. Female Advice Preferred: questions for users of Methadrone (MKat, Meow Meow)
  224. Addicted to cough pills
  225. Has anyone been to a Nar-Anon meeting?
  226. What did I take???
  227. told my therapist
  228. Bag on my head
  229. Marijuana..
  230. drug test?
  231. Started smoking
  232. umm
  233. Friend wants to stop.
  234. hooka
  235. urges
  236. Triggering (Substances): weed and alchohol coping..
  237. Is a Caffeine Addict, a Drug Addict?
  238. Eek, Um. cigarettes.
  239. Does tripping do that to you?
  240. Triggering (Substances): Once a user always a user?
  241. Trying to stop smoking pot
  242. what am i suppose to do?
  243. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  244. K2/Spice?
  245. Triggering (Suicide): Overdosing? Please help?!
  246. Triggering (Substances): 48 hours since my last drink :S
  247. I'm gonna go to Alcohol Anonymous..
  248. Alcoholic? Can't get drunk anymore.
  249. Drinking safely
  250. Triggering (Substances): Do i have a drink problem..?