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  1. Non-PG13: Coke
  2. Is it?
  3. I drink every day.
  4. Triggering (Substances): Psych Meds
  5. Triggering (Substances): Drinking at parties
  6. Triggering (Substances): Coping with triggers.
  7. I nearly died
  8. How to advise someone without seeming overprotective?
  9. Triggering (Substances): Sobering up
  10. Triggering: I don't want to be clean/sober anymore
  11. How to deal with life without cigarettes.
  12. Quitting Smoking
  13. Triggering (Substances): Friends being pressured
  14. Triggering (Suicide): How do I make it stop?
  15. My dad on drugs again.
  16. Triggering (Substances): How long have you been sober?
  17. Have you ever seen someone else on meth?
  18. He really needs help.
  19. Tempted
  20. Not sure if this is the right place... does weed react badly with opiods?
  21. Triggering (Substances): Welp.
  22. lessen withdrawal symptoms?
  23. I want to try to smoke weed
  24. Triggering (Substances): I don't know anymore
  25. Triggering: relapse
  26. question
  27. I've been clean for...
  28. (Thank you) Sober for good thanks so much
  29. I don't know what to do.
  30. Not hungy after Adderol
  31. stay sober w/ me
  32. rehab… again.
  33. Triggering: my story
  34. help! my parents found out about my drug abuse!
  35. Treatment?
  36. worried about boyfriend's smoking habits...
  37. My Story
  38. Triggering (SH): Trading SH for drinking?
  39. Triggering (Substances): my boyfriend seems happy only when on MDMA
  40. Triggering (SH): Cigarettes and smoking
  41. smoking and alcohol
  42. Feeling like doing molly
  43. drinking problem
  44. Gray area concerning recreational marijuana?
  45. Triggering (Substances): Smoking
  46. Alcohol abuse
  47. Read this before trying weed
  48. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Tempted
  49. Afraid of becoming addicted
  50. Is it true that the ability to moderate can never be regained?
  51. Triggering (SH): Drinking Alone and Coping
  52. Alcohol Poisoning
  53. Drinking problem?
  54. Is drugs really that bad?
  55. Smoked crack last sunday
  56. Triggering (Abuse): Many steps ahead Many steps to go
  57. alcohol question
  58. Triggering (Substances): Mum going back to smoking
  59. Caught?
  60. was I buzzed, drunk, or just out of it??
  61. beginning addiction to smoking?
  62. How long have you been sober?
  63. Weed for a week for anxiety
  64. Whole family does weed?
  65. bad drunk experience
  66. Triggering (Substances): 2 Months Clean
  67. Alcohol poisoning question
  68. Drinking
  69. help please
  70. Weed over Cutting???
  71. I just can't stop it. (Tobacco/Cigarettes)
  72. Fastin???
  73. Just Found Out Something I Did While Using
  74. Triggering (Substances): 2 Months - Having a REALLY Hard Time
  75. just sad
  76. Is it worth it?
  77. I want to be numb
  78. Triggering (Substances): At Risk For Abusing
  79. dabbed-still feel weird
  80. Triggering: How long...?
  81. medical marijuana under age
  82. Triggering (Substances): Concerta Withdrawal
  83. mom smoking
  84. Drinking almost everyday
  85. Triggering (Substances): Ugh drunk stuff
  86. Triggering (Substances): Alcohol...
  87. Drinking at a young age
  88. Triggering (Substances): OxyContin..
  89. How much harm did smoking do to me?
  90. Triggering (Substances): Inspiration Stories
  91. How long have you been sober?
  92. Have you ever done drugs? If so, which drugs?
  93. Dizzy after smoking
  94. Triggering (Substances): Please help!
  95. Staying clean, for my baby.
  96. It was my 21st....
  97. AA meetings
  98. cigarettes
  99. Could I get punished??
  100. Frequent marijuana use
  101. Triggering (Substances): Need help to stop smoking.
  102. Is it dangerous to try shrooms for the first time while taking Zoloft and ability?
  103. Weird blackout
  104. alcohol makes me feel better
  105. Triggering (Substances): Wanting to do drugs???
  106. One month
  107. Triggering (Substances): Acid
  108. I drank after 33 days of being sober, I feel very very bad.
  109. e-cigarettes
  110. Exposure therapy and relapse.
  111. Triggering (Substances): Anxiety & Drugs
  112. Going to the bar alone
  113. Triggering (Abuse): Bad drinking
  114. Triggering (SH): Alcoholic parent
  115. Auditory High?
  116. Triggering: I need to drink
  117. Magic mushrooms
  118. cravings
  119. I don't know what to do; so mad at myself
  120. Urges
  121. Transitioning from user to clean
  122. I know that this could become a problem but...
  123. Triggering (Substances): Sort of a poem about why I use
  124. Triggering (SH): Aspirin
  125. Dependent?
  126. Non-PG13: Never had this happen before, anyone experience ?
  127. Triggering (Substances): I have no clue why I'm doing this.
  128. I like getting high...No one knows... Please help
  129. My Dad Is A Drug Addict
  130. Immunity to weed?
  131. Gonna try to make this my last one
  132. Triggering (Substances): The Holidays
  133. Addicted to getting high- not being high
  134. debating weather I should quit?
  135. What is classed as a substance?
  136. idosing
  137. Just Need Someone to Talk To
  138. Trying to quit Smoking
  139. LOTS of caffeine
  140. Vapes
  141. Could bodily tingling be associated with adderall?
  142. Going back to drinking
  143. I tried smoking pot out of peer pressure and ended up doing sexually embarrassing things. I am DEPRESSED and ashamed and I need help
  144. Triggering (Substances): Why did you start using substances?
  145. Triggering (Substances): Just found out girlfriend smoked pot- please help
  146. Drunk at a Football Game-why no MIP?
  147. Triggering (Substances): Wow, I'm not impressed.
  148. I smoke pot.
  149. Non-PG13: Where can i get given cigarettes
  150. Drug craving
  151. Triggering (Substances): Will substance use decay my mental health?
  152. Think I might go back to drinking again...
  153. I've Started To Crave Alcohol When Feeling Emotional
  154. Were they looking for drugs in my system or came across it?
  155. i never thought I'd miss it.
  156. the other side of me, drunk me
  157. Could I get in trouble?
  158. Any ideas?
  159. addicted to weed. i hate this
  160. I can't stop :(
  161. I took molly
  162. Triggering (Substances): Hard to stop...?
  163. Butane/Propane
  164. Pain Killers
  165. All I want to do is drink and smoke weed, how can I fix this?
  166. Who do I report a rehab to?
  167. A guy keeps asking me to get high and get drunk with him... why?
  168. Triggering (SH): Opinion About My Cigarette Use...
  169. I want to be intoxicated...
  170. How do I confess to my anti-drugs boyfriend....??
  171. Triggering (Substances): alcoholic dad?
  172. Triggering (Substances): I Hate It!
  173. Advice/Chat needed please :)
  174. Delusions when smoking...
  175. What chemical is this?
  176. Triggering: Withdrawal
  177. Triggering (Substances): Urges to get high again. Need some advice.
  178. Triggering (SH): misuse of medications
  179. Triggering (Substances): cant stop won't stop
  180. Happy and Sad
  181. I need a list of alternatives to do instead of getting high!
  182. worried about a friend
  183. Quitting nicotine gum.
  184. Triggering (Substances): Other methods?
  185. My Brother
  186. Triggering (SH): This guy I like...
  187. AA meeting.
  188. I have a brother who's addicted
  189. Triggering (Abuse): How to permanantly get off Weed
  190. What's wrong with drugs?
  191. Passing on addiction to something else
  192. Triggering (SH): Close friend smokes weed
  193. Female Advice Preferred: nicotine and bc
  194. Triggering (Substances): Worried about getting hooked
  195. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Turned to a bottle for the first time
  196. Triggering (Substances): I'm an alcoholic
  197. I need to stop doing drugs and drinking, otherwise I will destroy myself.
  198. Triggering: Alcohol.
  199. Friend who uses.
  200. What am I doing?
  201. OD'ing on over the counter medication
  202. I did it.
  203. worried
  204. Khat/Qat
  205. Mr. Happy
  206. Am I at Risk?
  207. Triggering (Substances): Is this alcohol abuse?
  208. Ways To Prevent Myself From Substance Using
  209. Underage drinking?
  210. Triggering (Substances): Music
  211. Little Brother Overdosed Again
  212. Distraction Techniques
  213. Triggering (Substances): Should I start smoking at 16 ?
  214. Smoking weed to help anxiety
  215. Triggering (Substances): Can you stop?
  216. I'm a drug abuser.
  217. Drinking Too Much???
  218. I need help to not start.
  219. Shall I continue giving my brother alcohol?
  220. Triggering (Substances): I really need some advice...
  221. smoking
  222. Is this overdose or withdrawal?
  223. Triggering (Abuse): Weed...
  224. Accidentally smoked makeup?
  225. mom drinks too much
  226. Tobacco
  227. Will the doctors find out?
  228. Significant other trying ecstacy
  229. one message for just one person--paying it forward
  230. LSD/acid
  231. Smoking
  232. Legal highs
  233. Alcohol noob.
  234. Cravings and how to deal with them
  235. Actual facts about weed
  236. Ibuprofen.
  237. overusage
  238. So I might have a problem.
  239. Quitting Weed
  240. Triggering (Substances): Our of control g-daughter
  241. Triggering (SH): Caffeine Pills?
  242. Worried about college and relapsing
  243. drinking during the day
  244. Four Loko's
  245. problem?
  246. pot..
  247. Moving out, Addiction, College and Responsibility
  248. I feel like a bad person
  249. I joked about using x and not my friend hates me
  250. Drinking