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Kbug13 December 19th 2011 12:29 AM

I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
My parents divorced when I was 2 1/2! During visitation my dad began abuseing me physically! A couple years after that he began rapeing me and sexually abuseing me! If I didn't do what he said I would get a knife held to my throat, and threats made to me! He would rape me or do something sexual to me at least 5 times a weekend! He would also drug me and make me drink! I ended up so sick! I had an eating disorder for 3 years I only weighed XXX pounds!!! Then I bacame sick with phnemonia the steroids gave me some of my weight back! I then began having nightmares and fell out of my bed and broke my neck and arm! My mom then began questioning me and I finally go the courage to disclose the information to her! The abuse happened in many different counties, so some believe me some don't! I have ptsd, and severe anxiety disorders,because of this I spend lots of time in the nurses office and guidence counclor! One of my good friends over head the school nurse talking to me! She decided to tell everyone!!!! I get called a "slutty dirty whore" and names that make me sick! There mean comments make me wanna fall apart! I am now in the process of transferring schools because there torturing me as been going on for three school years and I can't do it anymore! To help me cope I spend lots of time in church,youth group,and lots of time with my mom and my family!

Blair December 19th 2011 02:36 AM

Re: I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
Love, it's hard to understand why some people do such twisted things. All I can tell you is that you didn't do anything to deserve it. You are not responsible for anyone else's actions. Everyone deserves to be treated with gentleness and respect and you are no exception. Always do your best to love yourself regardless of the way others have treated you because you are worth loving. The world is full of love and I know someday you'll see that side of life. Keep holding on to hope <3

Kbug13 December 19th 2011 04:08 AM

Re: I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
Thank you so much blair!! God bless and merry christmas!

FlyingTrue December 19th 2011 05:04 AM

Re: I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
The only explanation I can possibly conceive is that he was a twisted, horrible, demented individual. He was completely wrong to do what he did in the worst possible way, I hope he is in a jail cell with a long hard sentence.

Blair pretty much said it best, much better times definitely lie ahead, and we are all here for you.

Kbug13 December 19th 2011 04:37 PM

Re: I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
Thank you! But sadly He hasn't recieved any punishment at all, I fell like that could be one of the factors holding me back from healing!

Sulvan1811 December 19th 2011 05:30 PM

Re: I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
wow tats badd .. some people just got bad parents but u gotta stop him ruin ur life . cud u move out ?? u gotta do sumting

Kbug13 December 20th 2011 04:05 AM

Re: I was abused and rape by my daddy, why?
Yeah I dont see him anymore! I'm with my mom!

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