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Cutting in college? - January 5th 2014, 08:46 PM

There came a time where I thought I'd feel ridiculous if I still cut myself after high school. Now that's not the case anymore. I kind of expect myself to cut a lot in college.

My mind keeps telling me how since I'll be living in a dorm, I can cut all I want on whatever part of my body I want and my parents can't stop me. I guess the only thing they really can do is refuse to take me home for the weekends.

But, do colleges give their students any sort of consequences for self harming? Obviously it's not high school anymore where they'll be like "Omg, I have to tell your parents." But would they have to say anything to me at all? Would they like force me to get help (I am planning on getting professional help in college anyway)? Or, would they sort of not question it at all and just leave me be?

It's probably a stupid question. I'm an adult, not a minor, so they're not gonna be holding my hand. But I'm paranoid.

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