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Re: I'm just so lonely - January 12th 2010, 05:17 AM

I met my current boyfriend at Comic-Con. =P We had two things going for us, right from the beginning: 1) We had both been to that convention before, so we felt comfortable with our surroundings, and 2) We were attending the same convention, so we were bound to have similar interests. So like Kaila said, your best bet is to look for guys at clubs, events, etc. that you enjoy attending.

If you don't know any guys from your modeling gig that may be boyfriend material, then join another club and meet the guys there! If you join a beginner-level kickboxing class, for example, you could work out with some of the guys you meet there throughout the week. AND, since you're both new, you can work on the routines together, and not feel stupid about one person being better at it than the other person. =)

It can be hard to find a 16-year-old boy who is mature enough to handle your "heavy" past. Even older men can have trouble comforting their girlfriends, because they tend to internalize their emotions and problems vs. externalize them. Be prepared for the possibility that "Mr. Perfect" won't have much to say, once you've shared everything there is to know about your past. He may be willing to talk about it with you whenever you want, or he may not want to dwell on past events that are out of his control. He may just want to focus on the present day, and dwell on the good times that you can have now.