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bringmethehorizon♥ February 14th 2018 06:36 PM

Depressed because I can't pass my theory test
I keep trying and trying and seeing people pass it so easy really makes me angry. I'm fucking 21 for fuck sake why can't life give me a fucking break I need to pass this test.

I have dyslexia and adhd I really struggle to concentrate and revise and I've been to see the doctors about my Adhd but because great Britain isn't so great they should rename us to bad Britain because this country is terrible they don't fund adhd medication for adults WHAT THE FUCK yes that was my reaction to!

Green Yoshi February 15th 2018 10:56 AM

Re: Depressed because I can't pass my theory test
Hello :hug:

I do think that you can eventually pass your theory test. But you need to force the issue a little. For you (not for me probably ) when there's a will, there's a way. I am very suure that you can do this.

Keep the faith and try to work through this thoroughly... take this as just another one of the challenges on the road. Once you beat this, you'll be stronger still.

This might also help.


However, try not to use any teas with caffeine because those can cause heart palpitations. I say this because you might drink a lot of tea to calm you down and combat it.

:hug: If you need to rant to someone or just want a shoulder to lean on, I'm your man.

Keep up the good fight. :hug:

Much Kindness and warmth,
Darren :hug:

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