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.:nat:. November 13th 2009 10:18 AM

This is the Last Resort
I can't handle life anymore. It's become too much. I am too exhausted to focus. I can't even hand my assignments in on time, can't concentrate, grades falling, sleeping in class, sleeping during field experiments on a fucking tree, a raging, all consuming eating disorder which i battle with every single waking moment, debilitating panic attacks, with barely enough money to get by each week. Can't even afford a fucking haircut or school books or uniforms. I can afford two sets of uniforms for the whole week. I have no friends. No one i can tal to, or hang with, i never go out on the weekends, never been invited anywhere. Never been to a party. Fuckk

Fuck it. Fuck it all. I just want it to end. Release the burden from everyone's shoulders. Most of the day is spent alone or with my teacher (i love him to bits, and no not sexually, he is my only friend)
No one would miss me, maybe my teacher a bit, but he's get on with life. Life goes on.

Savanna November 13th 2009 07:50 PM

Re: This is the Last Resort
hey that is good that your friends with a teacher and everything.He would miss you alot and if you need to talk to anyone. I would be glad to listen.

Jacksonian November 14th 2009 03:41 AM

Re: This is the Last Resort
Hey .:nat:. . Sometimes life's good things are overshadowed by bad things. Ending your life isn't the way to solve what you are feeling. Each life is important and special in its own way. The very act of breathing is amazing. Many, almost 99.99% of earthlings take life for granted but I tell you, your life is important, don't end it because you deserve the chance to be happy and to be alive. Though you are struggling now, time will come when you won't be struggling. So don't "talk" like that. Find some clean nice comedy and when you start laughing, you'll be happy again. Or find something you love to help you through this.

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