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Shaytun November 22nd 2010 04:27 AM

Depression and video games
I've really been depressed most of my life. i feel i've only been truly happy once and she left a while back.
I'm a huge video game fan, it helps me cope with what's going in within me. Recently I was asked why I enjoyed these "alien exterminates mankind" or "america has been occupied and you must fight back."
I thought about it a while and I've come the conclusion that, I really wish it would happen.
I don't mean the millions dead. But the break down of society in the face of aliens, nukes, or whatever. It feels so right to just abandon society, all the tiny tribulations in our tiny lives and show what kind of human I am. That society would no longer matter. I could fight this force that caused the destruction of the Earth/U.S, and through this drive my feelings away. i could be someone significant, I could prove myself. I wouldn't have to go through this pesky little cycle of life. I could live as I should, without society, fighting against something that took everything.

i don't know. i've just wanted to get this out and I don't have anyone who I can talk to

.:Bibliophile:. November 22nd 2010 11:01 PM

Re: Depression and video games
Hey there,

What you say makes sense and there is nothing wrong with feeling the way that you do. I think we all have 'fantasy' that we wish would happen. I think a lot of those fantasies are driven by our urge to want to feel significant, important. Thing is you can be significant without the destruction of the world. Just by being you are significant and if you choose you can do something great with your life and help others. You can make your life significant. Don't doubt that.

I don't really know if this is a proper response to this thread but it is all I could think of. You are significant so don't forget that.

Jenna :)

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