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Evanesco January 25th 2016 07:36 PM

For dog owners :)
I don't own a dog (sad face) but when I was walking home in the dark I saw someone walking to black dogs that were pretty much invisible because of the darkness, but they had light up collars and I thought that was genius because that way cars could see them. So I thought I'd share in case anyone else has black dogs and walks them at night. :p

Sophrosyne January 25th 2016 11:01 PM

Re: For dog owners :)
That's actually a really smart idea! I have a light coloured dog but I was planning on getting a black dog in a year or so, so this is a good idea :)

Lexify. January 26th 2016 01:10 AM

Re: For dog owners :)
It is a smart idea! I have a black dog and a brown/black dog as well as a beige smaller dog and we have a LED pendant that goes on their collars and LED leashes for when we take them for walks in the night. :nosweat:

Disclosure. January 26th 2016 03:32 AM

Re: For dog owners :)
That's a really smart idea!

Thank you for sharing! :)

Fading Light. January 26th 2016 03:55 AM

Re: For dog owners :)
I don't tend to walk my dog at night and when I do it's in brightly lit areas, but this is definitely a good idea. I especially like that it's the collars, not the leads, that light up because that way even if the dogs get loose, they're still visible. Thanks for sharing!

DeletedAccount11 January 27th 2016 11:44 PM

Re: For dog owners :)
This is a great idea and could improve pets' overall safety. Thanks for sharing. :)

MsNobleEleanor January 28th 2016 01:15 AM

Re: For dog owners :)
I've seen this before. I've also seen dogs wear jackets with tapped on reflectors as well with the owner/walker of the dog.

I think it's important for everyone to have some sort of a reflector on during the night so others can see you.

I can't remember when I saw it, maybe a year ago, a dog wore boots with flashing lights as it was walking. It was actually cool, I thought it was a child at first (some kids have shoes that light up, I had them as a kid once) but it turned out to be a dog.

I want to get Bentley boots like those. :hehe:

Glass Slipper January 28th 2016 02:38 AM

Re: For dog owners :)
My dog is a blonde Chihuahua and I have a reflective collar on her. I haven't tested it out yet but other people seem to love them.

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