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loveme_x May 28th 2012 09:17 PM

I dont think that's suppose to happen?
So i got my wisdom teeth like last august, and they were hurting on & off and really annoyed me because i was pregnant at the time. I went to the dentist and they said i could get it removed after i have my baby. At one point the teeth seemed like it was growing out of the gum and gonna be fine without surgery but lately its been hurting to eat (ive had my child) and last week i could feel the whole tooth and my gum was just hurting, when i felt it today i could only feel a bit of my tooth and all gum and i looked in the mirror and my gum was completely covering my tooth, like it was tryna go back where it came from or something, and you can only see a little bit of it. I really didn't wanna get it pulled (i just recovered from my first surgery ever, a csection, and it was the worst! :'() but i think i might need to get it pulled.

escape_thereal_world May 30th 2012 04:49 PM

Re: I dont think that's suppose to happen?
Yes. Definitely see a dentist about that. If your gums have covered the tooth, that is a huge risk for infection. It could be irritated so much it has become swollen. Or it's trying to heal when it shouldn't be. Either way, see your dentist and be sure to be brushing the air GENTLY but thoroughly. Also, if it is due to swelling, using your finger and rubbing in circles on your gums for about 5 minutes can get blood circulating and help to reduce the swelling a little bit, as well as help with any pain it is causing.

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