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JustTheKeags June 11th 2017 05:49 AM

got hit by car. now Im being sued.
What. The. Fuck. I got hit by a cr, and the guy is suing me 100k because there is a dent in the hood ow his tesla. this ass was drunk and hit me while I was on the sidewalk. he then got out of his car and started to yell at me for being in the way. he even tryed to kick me when I didn't get up. No major body problems except for a bruise the size of a water mellon on my hip and lower back. and a concussion.

Asshat. he wants a new tesla now. I know him ish. and his parents want him to buy a new one. hees 17.

srry. must rant.

del677 June 11th 2017 07:50 AM

Re: got hit by car. now Im being sued.
He is in a whole boat load of trouble!

And his parents are too. Because he's not even 18 yet.

Get his insurance info.

The good news is his family is filthy rich, so they should be well insured, which means you'll be getting a large sum of money over this from his insurance company.

(There is absolutely no way "car vs. pedestrian" is going to side with the car. That's the ranting of a spoiled rich drunk kid who has no defense for hitting a pedestrian.)

Document your bruises. Take photos. Write down the incident. Call his insurance company and notify them. If he won't give you his insurance information, call the highway patrol and tell them what happened.

Tesla cars cost $100,000. They're all electric, accelerate faster than a Porsche. Totally rich, sporty. These people have money and you just got hit by the jackpot. Cash in baby! :wink:

Sophrosyne June 11th 2017 08:52 AM

Re: got hit by car. now Im being sued.
There is no way he would possibly win the case in suing you so there isn't much you have to worry about with that, and the advice given above on what to do is definitely a good plan and I would agree with saying you should do those things. If anything, you should be compensated for being hit by a car so the outcomes of him suing you will either be no one gets money, or you get money. He's definitely not getting anything.

Considering the guy was drunk and driving, that is illegal so if he tries to sue you he really is just digging himself a hole and when that information comes up he can be charged for it and will most likely have to pay for even doing that. He was a danger to the neighbourhood he was in, to pedestrians considering he hit one, and to other vehicles.

If he thinks about it for even a second, he won't sue. If he tries to sue, it probably won't even make it to court cause the case will be dismissed pretty fast with him having to pay you and the police.

Don't sweat it.

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