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Lady Stripey February 24th 2009 12:02 AM

just friends x.
ok so I've been friends with this one girl for, oh say a year, give or take. We are both bi-sexual and out but you see I used to like her as more, but not anymore. I'm not even sure I like her as a friend. Second, I'm engaged already so this makes the situation more confusing/frustrating. So here's the thing, she never seemed to show a ton of interest in me romantically before but the other day she came, sat on my lap and started kissing me on my ear and around that area of my face. I didn't know how to respeond, it was just like WTF. Idk, and idk what to do about this. Her drug usage has caused way too many problems in our friendship :huh:

Jessielove February 24th 2009 01:48 AM

Re: just friends x.
You're engaged and I'm guessing that means you love the person you're with. Your friend had her chance with you, no? And if you're not comfortable with her doing that kind of stuff, you need to tell her. And if the drugs have been a problem, well, who really wants to be with someone who does drugs?

I'm not saying to stop being her friend, but if you're confused you need to talk to her about it. Maybe be like, "So...a few nights ago you were kissing me...why?" or something. You'll more the less never figure out what happened unless you ask her about it.

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