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Symmy May 28th 2011 09:44 PM

My Dysfunctional Family
My mom and dad constantly argue with everyone and I can't remember a time when they didn't. They both have anger management issues so when either of them get bothered about anything it turns into a huge problem. Just today, my mom forgot to put a cover on our grill and my dad said something so now its impossible to talk to my mom without creating a problem. My mom will take my phone for like 5 minutes and then give it back all the time, but she's too arrogant to apologize. She's never apologized in her life, but she forces me to all the time. Sometimes she deserves an apology, but 90% of the time, she's the one with problems. Out of her 4 kids, I'm the closest to her so I have to hear her tell me how much her life sucks, or how she'll run away, or how she hates my dad, all the time. If I ever thought about addressing our problems, she'd yell at me, take my stuff, and everything would just get worse, so talking isn't an option. My grades are straight As, but one B in the wrong class, and she gets all apocalypse-like. She gets mad when I ever talk to my dad. When I leave, she comes to me. So if ignoring isn't an option, and talking to her isn't, what do I do?

My dad is even worse. He used to hit us and stuff, but mysteriously stopped about a year ago. No complaints there. He cares only about himself in the way that he only likes me when i am benefiting him or doing something he likes. In general, I am the one he tells to clean the house and stuff, and he does this by kicking stuff around and saying it is a rat's nest, even though I don't make the mess. He's never cleaned a thing in his life. He won't change anything in his life, even if we ask. All he does is sit on his ass in front of the tv, drinking his alcoholic lemonade and yelling at us to work. And telling me how much of a "bitch" my mom is. Things will never get better with him. I cant just ignore this, but the fact that my dad is bad too means that I have nothing to lean on.

As selfish as it sounds, i need to worry about my own problems even though they won't help. If I ask for necessities like razors or shampoo or clothes for an audition, my mom yells about how selfish I am. It is funny to even consider asking my dad. How can I get the stuff I need and make things better with my mom? I am too young to get a job. I hate it, but I have to live this way for two more years. So what should I do to improve my living conditions as much as possible?

I don't wish to sound like those people who come here with over-dramatized stories about drugs, abuse, and divorces. My parents are together, no one in my family does drugs, and my parents are not going to be separated anytime soon. But somehow that makes it even worse. I'm sorry if I rambled, but is there any help out there?

BeautifulDisaster95 May 29th 2011 02:22 AM

Re: My Dysfunctional Family
That a lot on your plate, and its obvious like you siad talking isn't an option. I say just ride in the back seat and stay strong hun. Wish i could offer help but i honestly just suggest you ride in the backseat til you're 18 and then get your own place :) I'm here to talk if you need to. I can relate to asking for one thing and then one of them making a big deal out of it and stuff. Sounds like somebody i know but yeah . I'm here if you need to talk <3 pm me anytime

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