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Education and Careers Work of any kind can get stressful at times. Ask in this forum if you need help with coursework, applications, and more.

Closed Thread
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Name: jake
Age: 25
Gender: Male

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Exclamation i need a job :/ - July 31st 2013, 12:42 AM

Ok so, the past summer I worked 3 weeks construction with my dad. And this summer I worked 3 days...and he's decided its time I find a job. See I don't have a resume, nor do I know how to make one...and I've never done an interview. So basicly I have no skills and could use a lot of help. Can anyone give me tips on a resume and also how to find a job?


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Name: Jay
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Re: i need a job :/ - July 31st 2013, 02:13 AM

Hey man,

All you really require in a resume is your name, contact information, skills you possess (these can be anything from confidence to maths or english skills). Also, you have passed experiencing working so describe what you did and the duration.
Then education what years you completed, any extra-curricular activities you were involved in.

In a meeting though, you need to work on your composure, dress nicely, solid handshake, speak clearly and fluently, maybe even research the job first so you will have an idea on what will be required and what questions will be asked.

Good luck,


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Name: Anthony
Age: 29
Gender: Male
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Re: i need a job :/ - July 31st 2013, 05:18 AM


Just remember never put the term "I" in your resume.

Do:Worked in family business, gaining experience in contractor trade.
Don't:I worked with my father and I gained lots of experience as a constructor worker.

Never put references, or people close to you such as past co-workers, teachers, immediate family who you have worked one on one with. Simply put:"References will be added if requested" etc.

As far as the interview goes, have a good handshake with the interviewer and present them your resume even if you already submitted it online or otherwise. Answer each question honestly. If you don't know the answer, say you don't know. Don't act like a smartass and get caught up in something you know nothing about. They would rather hire someone who is honest and is willing to learn by being apart of their company, rather than someone who is a stuck up jerk trying to pretend to be someone they are not just to be goody two shoes and get hired.

Jay also gave some great advice.

Good luck on your job search.

You've had a landscaper and a house keeper since you were born
The sunshine always kept you warm.

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Name: Sarah
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: Wales, UK.

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Re: i need a job :/ - July 31st 2013, 10:59 AM

As your dad's in construction it means he has a job, so you could ask him for help in creating a resume or allow him to let you see his so that you have an understanding of the kind of layout as there is a specific layout to writing a resume.

After having a snoop around google here's a website that may be of use:

It does come with a free resume builder which I had a quick look at:


While I was at school I was taught what to do at an interview, the do's and don't and I have had experience with them so here's some things from me:

* Be hygienic (obviously)
* Find out the dress code (not all places you apply for actually want smart dress
* Make sure you arrive about 15-10 minutes early
* Keep eye contact but don't stare, break eye contact no and then
* Only sit down when invited to sit
* Shake hands with your potential future employer
* Be polite!
* Research a little about the place you're applying for (not necessary but interviewers do ask what you know about them and researching is a big plus, interviewers like independence and it shows how keen you are)
* Be honest! Do not lie in an interview. Employers don't want untrustworthy employees
* Sit in a comfortable position but don't sit like a slob on a seat. I find the best position is to sit up straight with either my hands on the desk or on my lap.

Here's some of the usual questions:

* Why do you want to work for us? (Do not mention that you want money! This is a big turn off for employers)
* What do you see yourself doing in 5 years time?
* What do you know about our company? (This is where that research would come in handy)
* Have you had any experience similar to this job position?
* How many hours would you be able to work?
* How much do you know about the job position?
* What are your hobbies and interests?
* Do you have any questions? (Here's the part where you get to ask them anything they may not have told you, such as how many hours you'll be working, what times and any other job-relevant question you may need answering)


Life is for living, not for losing.

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Re: i need a job :/ - August 1st 2013, 10:14 PM

[Edited] Yes, it is easy to just google something and get a template and maybe you were even lucky enough to get it taught to you at school in a civics/career class like what is taught in grade 10 in my province (at least it used to be). BUT there are so many different ways to write a resume so it can be hard to know how to start and which style is best and know what to emphasize if you've never done it before. And if you've never had a job before it is hard to even know what employers are looking for, hell, it can hard to figure how to impress each human being even if you have written many resumes. So the fact you are needing to ask is TOTALLY fine, I still regularly have people go over my resumes even though I know how to write them.

What you should do is google a few different templates to get an idea of what a resume should look like, the key thing to do is to space things out and bold, underline and capitalize necessary things, use italics and bullets and so on.

If it helps, I'll make up something quick here that sorta looks like a few of my resumes (I change mine around depending) and all this stuff is OBVIOUSLY going to be fake cause I am not sharing my whole education and work history for the world

123 Cactus Rd., Los Angeles, CA 91234
__________________________________________________ _________________________

A recent college graduate with X amount of experience and Y qualifications seeking employment with accounting firm to do this that and the other and will offer A, B and C to the company.. Basically use this to briefly say WHY you want the job and maybe include a few things about experiene and what you have to offer, if you write a cover letter remove this

* Highlight 3-5 things that you feel are valuable in your education and work experiences (work= paid and voluntary, you shouldn't do to many though if you can avoid it until you have enough experience to be able to cut out irrelevant things (as opposed to really having to fish around to get 5 obvious points)
* Make sure you tailor this all to each job, like you don't need to emphasize the same skills to work in geriatrics or with kids as you would if you are applying to be a server or a carpenter
* Make sure you really think about the job if you are doing this. If you really can't figure it out you'd be best to take your resume to a teacher or a career centre and having them help you out, if you can't even leave your house long enough to bring your resume to a career centre to be reviewed/edited you probably aren't really ready to have a job--no excuses


Masters of Business Administration and Accounting 2012
University of Oregon, Portland, Oregon

Bachelor of Business Administration and Accounting 2010
University of Oregon, Portland, Oregon

California High School Diploma 2006
Cactus High School, Los Angeles, CA


Construction Worker 2011-2012
EBA Construction, Los Angeles, CA
* A few points about what you did and what you learned from it
* Emhpasize 3-5 things, only 1 about what you did and don't ramble much about it but make sure you talk it up
* If you didn't have an actual position make up a title close to what you did, I've had to do that with some of my volunteering positions where, you know, I wasn't exactly a "project manager" or a "family physician" or something clearly titled, I was just the help in a program so I made up "X assistant" or what ever
* Always make sure that the dates are tabbed over to the same spot throughout the resume. You can use dates with months buuuut if you only worked somewhere long enough to get some experience but don't want people misunderstanding and thinking you are a flake for a short term job (ex. for working somewhere for only a few months) you might be better off leaving out months, if they care about how long you worked somewhere they'll ask during the interview, that way they can't focus on the length vs. the part where you explain your experience (the more important part). Personally I'll probably put months back in once i have more job experience and ones with longer terms, but, for example, a lot of my volunteer experiences only lasted a few weeks, the one place I work at all the time I'm constantly going into new programs and learning new things (ex. one therapy in one place, sign language and alternate forms of communication in another, sports in a third) and therefore I put in new entries for all of them, which is pretty clear if they bother to look at the fact that I have the same organization repeated for over a year BUUUT each new "job" within the organization could make it look like I'm a flake if the person isn't paying attention
* This is the case ESPECIALLY on the resumes where I do "relevant experience" (and put paid and unpaid work) "additional experience" (paid and unpaid) and then "community service" instead of "work experience" and "volunteer experience" because some of the jobs I have applied for, especially when it comes to working with kids or overseas, will result where my only "real" prior experience IS unpaid work and not my paid jobs (which would end up in "additional experience) so yeah, dates can factor in when I do this because I don't expect a person to distinguish between an unpaid and paid position and if one of my volunteer positions was only an 8 week term I wouldn't want them to mistake it having a term vs. my being employed and just bailing all the time.

Capalinis Italian Restuarant, Los Angeles, CA
* Do the same with 3-5 points here, I usually bold the "server" and "construction worker" titles AND I capitalize all of the letters in the "EXPERIENCE" spots in addition to centering them but my font on this site I think is already bolded automatically so what ever
* Blah blah blah
* And the sun rises in the east

I don't feel like redoing this, but basically make this look essentially the same as how you do your job experience ok but if you are like me and volunteer a lot it might get to the point where you need to do the "relevant experience" "additional experience" and "community service", I never add information about community service stuff (if i've got it in 3 not 2), but I defs would do A LOT for relevant and maybe only a little for additional depending how long my resume is getting but since you said you don't have a lot of experience yet, but you don't want to go over 2 pages for a resume and if you don't have much experience you really shouldn't have over 1 page

* Add things like first aid courses done, or if you have taken any courses outside of school they go here. I even have things for like, well, I travel (some of the places I work at WOULD care if I have travelled internationally cause they would prefer an applicant who's seen the world vs. one who's only ever seen stuff in books or on TV so yeah), and if you speak more languages than just English or if you know how to do computer programming or what ever
* Do bullet points-- keep it short but don't be stupid about it, no one cares if you are an amazing tap dancer and you've won X, Y and Z awards in this area if you're applying to be a waiter/server but DO add that if your applying to be a dance instructor, otherwise delegate your love of dance to the "interests" section

* Now this section isn't really necessary and should be removed depending on where your applying too, for example, I'd use it when applying to be a babysitter or even if I am looking to get a job as a personal support worker or in the recreation department at a retirement home or what ever, even some more casual jobs like retail and restaurant stuff can be there... But if your applying to be an accountant or what ever, then your might want to take it out, but thats why your supposed to do your research on where you are applying to first, you don't want to cluelessly leave things in that might seem unprofessional in the wrong settings but be totally welcome in others. Even for the same field, one law firm might be totally happy to see you have interests outside of work and that you're a well rounded person and want to see that you are committed and dedicated in all areas of your life and the next might not want to know if they even care, and they only care about what you have to offer and if your a total work-aholic and don't balance your life they won't care, you know what I mean? So you always take a risk that one resume will be great for one organization but that what you have to offer won't be suitable for another, but that's life, and if you got every job you applied for then you'd be the first to do so.
* keep these short too, like 3-5 points again no more then a line long, if the bullet points go 2-3 lines long in your descriptions for volunteering/paid jobs that's one thing, but this part is so totally optional (bordering on unnecessary depending who you talk to and where your applying). This isn't even always on every resume template. But as you are young (or so I'd hope if you have next to no job experience) I'd say it's totally ok... Like if you play for your high schools hockey team here is the place to put it... And IF you do something like high-end competitive sports I'd say that makes it even more appropriate to put it there because it shows dedication to something other then school and work.
* So maybe you like to play guitar and you play AAA hockey, brag about it, if your a captain for the team definitely brag about it, because that shows leadership and communication skills that won't necessarily fit into the other areas of your resume. For example, I take advantage of this section to emphasize my enjoyment of working and communicating with people (ex. teaching people the sports I have experience in) and to emphasize my interest in learning languages. Those are things that you cannot really fit into the other areas but can really show people that you cultivate skills in other ways too, like no one is going to know that I am teaching myself 2 languages outside of my native tongue because it wouldn't show up in my school or prior work experience... So I think that is something to keep in mind, so while the interest section might seem totally irrelevant for some people IF you have interests that actually show other acquired skills that won't be evident in your work and educational past i'd go for it

Feel free to PM me if you ever need to chat or have questions

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