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lido December 9th 2009 06:14 AM

GPA vs Senior year
Okay I'm not sure if anyone knows this or knows who I should ask but uh does my senior year of high school effect my GPA, and if so how much would 1 C lower it if I have 3 B's 1 A and a 3.2 to start?

InSovietRussiaORGASMGotU December 9th 2009 07:32 AM

Re: GPA vs Senior year
When applying to university or college, your senior year is definitely influential. More attention is paid to your last 2 years as opposed to your first 2 years of high-school. Senior year is meant to be the closest to university or college and if your transcript shows that your senior year was awful, then that looks quite bad for you. Also, you specialize the most in senior year relative to all your high-school years and presumably you're taking some courses you have interest in (and maybe some bird courses). If these courses have low marks, then it shows that the area you may be interested in (which can be deduced from looking at your entire transcript without examining the program you apply to) may be not that great. With that said, if your CGPA is still high, then it won't matter that much. Your overall mark or CGPA is also a big part of what universities and colleges look at.

I cant say what the outcome will be to your current GPA because I don't know how your school breaks down the grade-point distribution. That is, does it judge simply by the letter-code (i.e. A,B,C...) or does it go by percentages? This is probably easier if you do it though because you also have to factor in the amount of courses you did and whether they all had the same amount of credits. Simply add those few marks to the overall marks you have for all your high-school years and take the average.

By basic estimating though, since you already have a bunch of courses, the 1 C shouldn't do a lot of change. Also, the higher marks you have of the As and Bs will pull the mark up so the 1 C does less damage. I'd say it'd stay within the 3.0-3.2 range, maybe go a bit higher.

cutiepiex3 December 23rd 2009 07:32 PM

Re: GPA vs Senior year
senior year deffinetly counts toward your high school gpa.

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