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Breathe~me February 28th 2012 09:38 AM

Want to be a teacher??
when i leave school i want to be a secondary teacher , i looked up universities and griffith and JCU offers a range of courses of my interest , im in year 10 at the moment by the way. im not going that well on my school work , how high will my OP have to be to get into university and is there anyway i can increase how high it is in terms of extra curricular activities / subjects .

OMFG!You'reActuallySmart! February 28th 2012 07:38 PM

Re: Want to be a teacher??
I'll be graduating from university and soon start my Masters once accepted. Each university has different admission criteria and it varies by program. This can all be found online or if you have trouble, you can phone, e-mail or stop by in-person to ask the admission officers. Keep in mind, the information is the minimum, which means you may not be accepted even if you meet the minimum because there are so many others who are far above. From what I know, Griffith University has several campuses and there are quite a few Bachelor degree programs in teaching, so there's no single criteria, it depends what you want to teach. As for your current grades, it's hard to say without knowing what they are, even if you want to give just a small range rather than the actual mark, however, you still have time to improve. Some programs have much higher minimum requirements than others and with luck, you could still slide right in but if your marks are very low (i.e. barely passing), it doesn't matter how great your extracurricular activities are because ultimately it comes down to your marks once you've graduated so you got 2 years ahead to work on.

Then again, I'm in Canada so perhaps Australia doesn't place as high of an emphasis on only marks and more on extracurricular activities.

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