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View Poll Results: about long posts
1 - it bothers me when posts are long 3 16.67%
1 - it doesn't bother me when posts are long 12 66.67%
2 - i'm as likely to reply to a long post as i am to a short one 11 61.11%
2 - it's unlikely that i'll reply to a long post 5 27.78%
3 - i read through the entirety of a long post 9 50.00%
3 - i usually skip around and scan through a long post 5 27.78%
Multiple Choice Poll. Voters: 18. You may not vote on this poll

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Jess~ Offline
Senior TeenHelper
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Name: jess
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long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 03:59 AM

i always write hella long posts when creating a new thread. i'm starting to fear i'll become infamous on TH for writing such longass posts.

thing is, i love writing, and typically, even in my everyday life, i always pay attention to little details, consider all the details, and share any important details.
but being so detail-oriented results in mega long threads, which seemingly results in less people responding. (and this thread isn't for begging for people to reply to my threads, i already have plenty of amazing people helping me. just seems like it takes longer to get replies when you have a huge post. like several days longer.)

so i was just wondering a few things. there's 3 questions in the poll (jesus, even my polls are long ) so please respond to each. i'll label them with numbers.

1. does it bother you when a post is long?
2. how likely are you to respond to a long post as opposed to a short one?
3. do you read through the entirety of a long post?

i don't know what i'm supposed to do
haunted by the ghost of you
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Omen. Online
Laughter. Faith. Hope.

Jeez, get a life!
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Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 04:54 AM

1. does it bother you when a post is long?

It doesn't bother me if a post is long.

2. how likely are you to respond to a long post as opposed to a short one?

I'll respond to any post if they need help.

3. do you read through the entirety of a long post?

Yes I do.

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cynefin Offline

TeenHelp Veteran
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Age: 21
Gender: Female
Location: 1261'

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Join Date: August 25th 2012

Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 06:42 AM

1. Long posts don't bother me. I actually like them, because I get more information and that helps me to provide more advice.

2. It depends on the topic and whether or not I could be helpful, but I am just as likely to respond to a longer post as I am a shorter post. Sometimes, with any post, I will take some extra time to think about how I reply before replying or I'll get busy and not reply as quickly as I'd like to.

3. Yes, I do read through the entire post and sometimes I read it a few times to make sure I haven't missed anything. If I am struggling with things during that time and don't feel like I can continue reading, I take a step back and return later.

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Celyn Offline
~One Skittles Minion~

Jeez, get a life!
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Name: Holly
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Location: Wales

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Join Date: June 16th 2009

Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 10:53 AM

1. does it bother you when a post is long?
Nope, not at all! I used to write really long threads when asking for help, and I occasionally write long replies to threads too. So I'm quite used to seeing long threads and I always think that it's helpful including lots of information so you can see where the person is coming from more.

2. how likely are you to respond to a long post as opposed to a short one?
A bit like the above response. It depends mainly on whether I feel I can help or not, regardless of length. I may reply to shorter threads first, and then spend more time focussing on the longer threads though.

3. do you read through the entirety of a long post?
Yes! I may skim read first of all to see whether or not I can help, and once I decide I can, I will read the entire post. When replying, I will go through the long post sentence by sentence.

HelpLINK and Live Help Officer
Feel free to PM me! Even if I can’t help, I’m always going to listen <3

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Not_here Offline
I can't get enough
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Name: nobody
Gender: Other

Posts: 2,537
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Join Date: October 24th 2011

Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 11:43 AM

I don't mind reading long posts! This is a help forum after all, sometimes longer posts are necessary, it's all okay.
I will read through it usually, even several times. Sometimes I come back later when I'm feeling I can focus better but that's something I do with anything not just posts. I usually respond to threads when I feel I can offer something. Sometimes I go to the "unanswered threads" tab and look through the list. I like that everyone has a chance to be replied to so if I see someone didn't get a reply for several days, I'd jump in. Unless the topic is something I'm uncomfortable answering, I would usually answer regardless of length. If I don't answer it, it isn't because it was long but because other circumstances took place. Although sometimes for me, it isn't the long threads but rather the long answers or long thought/triggering topics that take me a little longer to reply to as opposed to like the lighter mood threads like this one xD
But then again I don't go to the chit chat games threads really, and those games are literally one word answers xD.
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Rivière Offline
Par la rivière
I can't get enough
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Name: Sarah
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: Wales, UK.

Posts: 2,400
Join Date: June 7th 2013

Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 03:36 PM

Whether I respond to a thread is dependent on a variety of things.

- Depends on how I'm feeling and my day in general. If I'm not feeling great, had a crappy day or am feeling tired I tend to steer clear of longer posts lest I make a mistake reading or respond with something unhelpful.

- Depends on the formatting of the post. If it's quite literally a wall of text with very little punctuation or paragraphs it makes me severely unenthusiastic to post. This isn't necessarily because 'oh god wall of text' but because it actually makes it harder for me to read. When there's a lack of punctuation and paragraphing it means some of the words or lettering all look jumpy and words get mixed up due to some of the struggles I have reading. Due to this I'll tend to avoid reading these kind of posts since I don't want to misread, misunderstand and then post something completely wrong.

- Depends on how many replies it's already received. If a long thread/post has already received an adequate amount of replies I'll maybe skim some of the responses to get the gist of the thread and/or if the OP has responded saying 'thanks' or similar, I'll likely not bother. If it hasn't received any or very little responses without the OP's response I'll make the effort to read it.

Life is for living, not for losing.
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Palmolive Offline
Purr Purr Purr.
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Name: Jessie
Age: 25
Gender: Girly.
Location: The stars.

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Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 04:35 PM

1. does it bother you when a post is long?
Sometimes. Well I wouldn't say it bothers me exactly, it's just if I'm struggling I struggle to concentrate so reading a long post can be hard but if I'm feeling ok in myself, I love them long because it helps me help the person more.

2. how likely are you to respond to a long post as opposed to a short one?
I feel I'm just as likely to respond to a long post as I am a short one. It makes no difference to me.

3. do you read through the entirety of a long post?
Yes I do. Always.

"Only in the dark, can you see the stars..."
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PSY Offline
Hugh Jackman ♥

TeenHelp Veteran
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Name: Robin
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Location: Southern California

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Join Date: June 12th 2009

Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 09:51 PM

It's funny that you mention this, because I've had the following disclaimer in my TeenHelp profile for a couple of years:
I apologize in advance for my tendency to post loooong responses for VMs, PMs, and forum posts. =P
I LOVE reading long posts, as long as they don't ramble on TOO much, repeat the same things over and over again, etc. Due to my profession, I'm in the habit of gathering lots of information in order to more fully understand how I can help someone with a particular issue/concern.

I was a Forum Moderator for many years, so I would respond to posts regardless of how long or short they were if no one had responded after 1-2 days. Nowadays, I'll respond to any post I see that looks interesting, no matter what its length is.

For the most part, I will read through the entirety of a post. There may be times when I'll start skimming toward the end, once I feel I get the gist of what's being asked by the poster. However, I still look for keywords that may indicate an important piece of information is being communicated to the people who would respond to the post.

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.:Bibliophile:. Offline
PM me anytime!

TeenHelp Veteran
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Re: long posts? - April 23rd 2016, 10:21 PM

I don't mind reading through long posts and depending on the topic I prefer long posts because I'm able to get more information and it enables me to help the person more.

However, if a post is long and I don't have a lot of time to read through it or respond I tend to skip it and go back to it the next day when I have more time to supply a sufficient answer.

I almost always read through the entirety of a long post. There have been a few where I have skipped around but I don't really like doing that because I don't want to miss any information.

The only time long posts bother me is when I'm struggling with reading due to my depression. In that case its difficult to follow along and then supply a good enough response. If I'm having trouble with reading/concentration I do skip the post but it's been quite a few months since I've had that issue.

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Sophrosyne Offline
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Name: Raven
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Re: long posts? - April 24th 2016, 08:01 AM

1. Does it bother you when a post is long?
I'm not gonna lie, normally it depends how long and what the forum the post is in. Sometimes posts will be long but not extremely long that I need to scroll down my screen, so normally I will not be so bothered by them. For extremely long posts, I will be bothered if I am not feeling well or up to reading such long posts but if it is in an important forum, like a HelpLINK request, I will read it anyway. More information right?

2. How likely are you to respond to a long post as opposed to a short one?
Even though I get bothered by the length, there is still just as much chance of me replying to a long one as a short one. Typically if it is a long one, I will give a longer answer as well so just because it bothers me doesn't mean you won't get an answer. I actually love writing out long answers so reading the post is a struggle but it just means I have more to reply to and I learn more.

3. Do you read through the entirety of a long post?
It depends on what forum it is in. Some posts if they are in unimportant forums like the chit chat forum, I don't read through all of the post because I won't typically reply to those ones. If it is a post in the HelpLINK forum especially, and for a lot of other forums, I will read through the entire thing if I am planning on replying to it. Even for the debating forum I will read through all the long posts even I am not going to reply just because it is interesting topics that are discussed and I enjoy reading them.

Basically this is saying that just because some long posts are hard to read, I will still read through the entirety of it and am just as likely to reply to it as a short post.

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long, posts

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