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Spoons March 10th 2018 04:10 AM

Bad pain with insertion
I know I already have a thread up but this is a different topic so I didn't want to combine them and not get answers for one question or something. :bleh:

Basically it's always been painful for me to insert anything. Tampons, fingers, medication ovules, all of them hurt so bad it doesn't work. I had my first Pap smear last month and I'm glad they changed the requirement to every three years because I was in so much pain I was nauseous.

My old gynecologist even looked to see if I had extra banding in my hymen that would be causing it but I don't. She said to talk to her again if it became an issue with sex.

I switched gynecologists for other reasons and saw her in February, and she said I could try to experiment with using my own fingers to ease things up, but I don't want to do that because it hurts. :nosweat:

While I don't want to have sex, I know this can become an issue due to the fact that if I ever have any infections, a lot of the medications are given with ovules, which is basically like an oval shaped ball of antibiotics. They're put in through insertion. I did an over the counter one once when I thought I had a yeast infection but I couldn't get it in so it fell out. Then it was determined that I had a different type of infection and needed antibiotics. Fortunately I got oral ones, but that's only because I said I CANNOT do the ovule. But, there's probably going to be a time where I need an ovule type, and it will be impossible!

Has anyone else experienced this?

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