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Re: You and your glasses - June 20th 2013, 03:50 PM

How old are you?

Are you wearing contacts, glasses, both?

Whats your prescription?
It was -3.5 and the other -2.5 but I went to the eye doctor and they bumped it up but I'm not sure what is..

still increasing?

At what age did you get your first glasses?
Uh I had glasses when I was around 11 I think but then I didn't have them for awhile then I needed them again.

Would you rate yourself as severely near- or farsighted?
I'm near-sighted. It's not severe but without contacts or glasses I really can't see very well at'all. and I hate itt.LOL

When do you put your glasses on in the morning?
How do you
-read in bed? I can read without glasses/contacts. I'm near sighted so I can see really well up close!
-take a shower? Just feel blind.
-go to the bathroom at night? When I had glasses before I would just leave them beside my bed and put them on whenever wanted them.
-swim? I usually leave my contacts in.. Some people don't but that's one reason I really like having them. Becausee I cann see.
-sports? Before with my glasses and playing basketball I had to be really careful with them and one time they fell off and someone stepped on them.

Do you like / dislike wearing glasses? haha. yep.

What was your worst experience related to your glasses or vision? Quite a few.. :P Them getting broken or crooked and still having to wear them. I babysit sometimes and kids seem to always try to grab them!!! and taking them off and people are totally not used to seeing you without glasses so you look funny at first.