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My guy friend... - January 4th 2014, 07:26 AM

So, first I think I should explain what happened a few years ago. Basically, my best friend was this guy. We were closer than ever. Then I went through a brief relationship. And he entered into one as well.
His girlfriend is a very nice person, but she was horribly insecure and I think jealous of me. By the end of a couple of months, she decided she didn't want him talking to me anymore. And this guy, who's been my best friend for three years (and who I'd briefly had feelings for in the middle), decides to go along with it. So basically, I spent all of last summer crying over my best-est friend. And frankly, it hurt more than a relationship might have, 'cuz I always thought friendships were supposed to 'last', which a relationship might not.
They broke up after a year of dating and I am no longer his friend. We talk sometimes, but I've lost my respect for him.
The point was, this was/is my state of mind and this thing really screwed me up.
Last year, I met this guy. He was arrogant, egotistical and damn sarcastic. But now he's one of my closest friends. And sometimes I feel he genuinely does care about me, that he won't leave me. Touch wood.
But I'm a stupid girl, and I may have developed feelings for him. Now he's in a relationship. So I'm getting suffering from both ends, that he's a guy friend in a relationship, and that I may like him.
What can/should I do to feel better?
Sorry for the long post.

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