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first CBT session today - December 8th 2014, 02:21 PM

so i had my first CBT session for anxiety and therapy this morning.
when we were talking about my social anxiety the lady asked me what i was so scared of...
me: the judgements, i don't want to look like a bad person or seen as someone that i'm not.
her: what would happen if you were seen as a bad person though?
me: well they wouldn't like me, they'd hate me because they'd think i'm someone that i'm not.
her: and what's the worst that would happen?
me: i'd look like a bad person.
her: is that the worst thing?
me: i don't know it feel like a bad thing, i don't want to look like a bad person.
her: so that's the worst thing?

it just kept going on like that and now i feel like a complete idiot and that i should be ashamed of my anxiety disorder whereas before the session i was accepting of the disorder, i just wanted to learn to cope with it because the internet or books haven't helped me at all.

i understand that she's trying to make me see the logical side of things but really i feel like it made it worse for me because i feel so stupid about it, more stupid than i already felt. it that normal? do therapists normally do that?