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Re: Memory Problems - April 28th 2016, 01:34 PM

You ain't alone on this BDF I have the exact same type of problem, well I wouldn't call it a problem anymore because I make it work. My mind works in the way of repetition when it comes to non visual memory, for me to remember mundane things I literally have to force myself to memorize them, unless those things are super important or its something I use every single day my mind will just throw the useless information out the window which leads to me being very forgetful. However visually wise I have never forgotten the face of any person I have seen my whole life, and would recognizer them instantly by facial and body features alone. This is because I am a visual learner, or I learn by seeing instead of other forms of learning, and therefore I remember better when I see it. My thinking is your a visual learner too because if you think about it its not very often that one visually sees the months written down, at least enough to remember them.