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General Magic of Life lost? - June 2nd 2016, 04:04 AM

I don't really know how to put this but life just isn't the same as it used to be.

Before/in the past, people interested me. I loved meeting new people, everyone seemed special and interesting, and likable, I was very social and had lots of friends. I enjoyed school and I did really well, topics interested me and I wanted to know everything. I was super attracted to girls everywhere, excited to be in relationships or to fall in love.v Music was so cool to listen to and to discover more of. General life was enjoyable, I loved just being alive.

Now, everyone I meet seems less and less likable, I have many less friends and very few close true friends, school is just dull, I never can seem to find anyone i really connect with enough to ever be in love, and I can never find music that I really enjoy, and often settling for music thats just okay.

Life's just kind of lost it's magic for me. Nothing is new, everything is stagnant. I don't like a lot of the people around me and I don't even really know why. I just don't enjoy waking up anymore.

Any advice on making life better? I try and stay positive but it just seems harder and harder each day to find things to be positive about other than just being healthy.