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Re: Adderall and being more easily scared by loud sudden noises - July 25th 2017, 11:52 PM

It's probably noise sensitivity. I know I am sensitive when I feel a loud bang or a door slams shut. It's more the vibration than the actual sound itself, but the harsh bang! does scare me. Has this happened before you got on the Adderal? If not, then I would definitely bring it up with the doctor who prescribed it to you. It might be the new prescription, but I don't want to say anything definite as we're not supposed to diagnose or give medical advice.

I know when I am prescribed a new medication or my dosage gets altered, I notice a change in either a matter or days or several months. It's definitely something worth bringing up to your doctor. In the meantime, maybe you can listen to some music while you work, so you have a constant source of sound?