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urgent, help! - December 5th 2017, 09:27 PM

My girlfriend maaturbted me, and after I released sperm I quickly wash my hand, I just washed it for a few seconds and with a water, after that I quickly fingered my girlfriend, is it possible to get her pregnabt? We are worried, so we taked pregnancy test when it ia two weeks after I ejaculted, (BTW SHES IRREGULAR PERIOD)

Exact 2 WEEKS AFTER, we taked pregnancy test, it says NEGATIVE
but still she didn't have her period, we're so worried so we planned in 3rd week we will take again.
Uhmm when it was 3 week we bpught again and it says NEGATIVE. We're relieved at that time. But still we are worried because she can't have her period until now. Its been 2 and a half month after we have that ejaculating thing and her lower abdumen is slighty bigger that usual, I ask her why she says that if ypu don't have you peis that true? riod for a months it is growing true? I just watched a video a time lapse of a prenant women and her abdomen and my girlfriends is the same shown in the video for the 12 week. Hellpp!