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Re: My friend is convinced if his friend kills herself, it will be his fault... - July 5th 2009, 12:13 AM

Hey Table,

Your friend does have to realize that it is not his responsibility to make sure that his friend is alive. It is a lot for one person have that mentality because it puts a lot of pressure on that person, and can be very damaging to his well being.

Are there any other people that this girl is talking to besides your boyfriend? I think that having many people to support her would help open her eyes. Having a balance will help the girl see that many people care about her and give her many different perspectives and reasons for her to stay alive. It would take the pressure off of your boyfriend and help him to make clearer decisions.

I think you should mention to your boyfriend about this balance of people in her life. I think it would help him better understand that it isn't his responsibility.

Also, if she hasn't already. I think it would be a good idea for her to see a psychologist or therapist. These professionals have a better idea of understanding of suicide. They can be great to talk to as well as help build a plan to get in a better mood.

I hope things will get better with her and your boyfriend as well.