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Re: Which is safer... - January 21st 2009, 03:19 PM

Last option. Lulz.

Anyway, serious answer. Obviously drumline is the safest for a girl, or a guy for that matter, because unless you're in Spinal Tap drumming is pretty safe. But why on earth should anyone have to pick which sport to play based on how safe it is? There are far more important factors, the biggest one obviously being how much you enjoy it. I think that all sports (or at least all those that can be provided within time and money constraints) should be available to people of both sexes, although ideally there'd be some kind of ability grouping to minimise the risk of injury (small, unathletic people being tackled by people who look like bears is kind of dangerous, no matter the sexes of the people involved). Basically, if you want to play football, play football.