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Re: Question about my grades - December 14th 2009, 03:51 AM

For reference, I know a guy who lived in upstate New York during his high school years. He had a 3.5 unweighted GPA, an SAT score in the 2100's, and only one extracurricular activity - he taught local kids how to unicycle. His unique extracurricular allowed him to write a fantastic essay, and he got accepted to Harvard.

When comparing his academic stats with those of many other Harvard acceptees, almost everyone thought he didn't stand a chance. But the Harvard adcoms recognized his passion. There's the key word right there. It's something that many applicants to Ivy League schools don't have, and it's due to their lack of it that they get rejected - believe me when I say this. As long as you have well defined interests and are absolutely crazy about them, your essays should come naturally, and if you just work hard in school and do the best you can, you will definitely stand a chance no matter what everyone says. The only case where you would really have NO chance would be if you didn't apply. :P

Best of luck in the admissions process!

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