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Losing control of my nerves - January 3rd 2010, 05:58 PM

I don't know if this belongs here but I figure it's a mental thing.

Tomorrows going to be the first day of school after having two weeks off for Winter Break. I'm extremely nervous to the point where it's making me shake, upset my stomach, and I'm on edge. At the beginning of the semester I had better control of my nerves and could calm myself down where going to school was no big deal. I don't even know why I'm freaking out about it. I don't get picked on, I get good grades, I have a good amount of friends, everythings good. But I'm so nervous about going back to school. last year after winter break I was a mess too and it became a daily thing where sometimes I would stay home because I would be way too nervous and throwing up because I was so nervous. I don't want this to be the case again this year. The new semester starts in two weeks and finals are in a week and a half. I'm not nervous about that but about going to school in general. I get so used to being at home that I never want to go back. I know I have to but my nerves get the best of me. I can't even focus when I get this way which is why I started staying home last year.

Even if I try not to think about school, I'm still jittery. I have a feeling that I've lost everything I gained over the summer. I spent the time teaching myself to be calm and now it's out the window. I'm a nervous wreck.
Does anyone have any advice on how to stay calm? Or if anyone has ever experienced this before, that'd be great. I really need tips on how to stay calm and regain control.
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