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Re: What Do You Think Of Glamour Modelling? - January 5th 2010, 02:12 AM

Its brilliant everyones a winner (Y)... Thing is is I don't see where the problem people have with it is; I mean the girls who do it almost are always doing it out of choice, especially glamour modeling for mags and the likes, its not like a bit of cash on the side, they guys get what they want to see, and the girls get the cash .

The people who complain, I don't know where they come from xD Its nothing to do with them, although if someone does raise a valid point I will gladly retract that statement. But people say they don't like the womans body being looked in that way or used, but its not their body to use ; the girls who do it don't complain!

There are some girls too who later on in life regret what they have done and I have heard of some who do retract their work, so I mean for some the option is there...

All in all if the girl can do it and doesn't mind the lifestyle that will accompany it, GO FOR IT!

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