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Are mental health issues becoming a "trend?" - February 28th 2010, 04:41 AM

Okay, I apologize if I get too angry or whatever, but right now, I am pissed. Also, I'm sorry if this belongs in the events/debates section, so feel free to move it there if that is the case. I was just on this role-play website looking for a new RP to join when I noticed one that was about a school for teens with mental disorders. They had it all decked out. Under the options for profiles, they described schizophrenia like it was multiple personality disorder. As if the ignorance of this RP's creator wasn't pissing me off enough as it was, it then occurred to me that people were doing this for fun. They were pretending to have mental disorders for fun. Even though I personally do not have mental health issues, I was extremely offended by the fact that these people took something so serious and turned it into a cute little game.

So, my question is, have you noticed that mental health problems are almost becoming a trend? I hear so many people around school talk about having "bipolar" episodes and "hearing voices." I hear people saying they have severe depression. I hear people blathering about how they cut themselves all the time. I know this is a serious issue. I know that not all people who say things like this are seeking attention and that a lot of them need help. But seriously? Are that many people really suffering from mental disorders? I honestly doubt it. Frankly, the last thing I'd do if I had a disorder is go around telling everybody about it. A lot of them talk about them like they're cool, like being mentally ill makes you seem really deep or something. It's disgusting because I know how it must hurt to actually have a mental disorder and be disregarded as one of the attention seekers. I think that's why it's so hard for some teens to get help. No one will listen, and although I know I shouldn't point fingers, I can't help but feel that all this "hype" is somewhat responsible for that. I apologize if I've offended anyone, as I honestly wasn't trying to. All of the things I said are purely based on my observations, and I was in no way trying to deny that some of these people might actually need help. That said, what are your views on this matter? Do you agree or disagree that mental disorders (or pretending to have them, anyway) are becoming a trend?