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Sticky-outy layered hair?! D: - April 25th 2010, 03:47 PM

My hair used to be all one length, and completely straight. It was quite nice but I began to find it difficult to give it any kind of style or volume, so I had a few layers put in.

I didn't want to go over the top, so I only had a few medium-lengthened layers put in. The problem is, they stick out WAY too much. I wouldn't mind having a shook-up messy look but the rest of my hair still stays pretty straight whereas the layers stick out at stupid angles.

If I straighten the hell out of it it's fine, but I don't really wanna be doing that to my hair every day because I often have to go over the same piece of hair again and again. I've tried to only straighten the ends and kinda curve them inwards but I end up looking kinda mushroomish

Any suggestions? My friend said I should just get a better pair of straighteners because mine aren't *that* great, but do I really have to spend so much money just to fix my hair? Wah! I've tried to pull off the choppy look by making the rest of my hair a bit wild but it just doesn't work. Should I get it cut another way? Eep!