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Can't Take this bullshit anymore - May 16th 2010, 06:14 PM

I seriously can't take this bullshit anymore...My family is split up..Im half Croatian half Swedish.. My dad was from croatia and mum is from sweden.. I lived couple of years in croatia grew up there.. later on moved to sweden..Only some of us moved ... My mom dumped my dad he suicided people on TH might already know this .. The only family memebers i have now in this country i came here when i was 5 years But im still full swedish, My mom is treating me like shit.. So does her brother because he think ive done something to my mum.. And my grandma is treating me like shit too.. My family hates me...My friends suck and always joke about stuff that are serious.. I am always the ''Diffrent'' one around.. My opinion is never accepted anywhere .. I can't take this shit anymore AT ALL!