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Re: MEN, MAN UP. - August 3rd 2010, 07:42 AM

I'll be honest, this is a slightly ignorant thread. I understand your feelings. Guys should take more initiative like they did back in the day. But we don't live in easy times, people. Women stand up for themselves more than they did back in the day. Women are starting to take initiative. The older we get, the more relationships we've potentially been through. And if you've been through a relationship or friendship that went wrong, we learn about our mistakes so they won't happen again. We have defense mechanisms that help us battle the day-to-day world. Asking a man/woman is no easy task because you're going against the stream and you're letting that person RIGHT through your defense mechanisms. You're taking a risk because we're not always sure of what the other person is going to say. Those types of situations make you vulnerable -- and no one likes to be in a vulnerable situation. Men and women have their differences, but we are all still human beings. Because we are human beings, we share some things in common -- in this case, men can be afraid of asking another person out too. Telling a man to man up in 2010 is not the same thing as telling a man to man up during WWII. Society has changed, generations have changed...people have changed. So quite honestly, it's not him or her that should man up, it's whoever wants to take initiative so you can finally move on with your life and stop complaining.