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Re: Dangerous dogs... - September 4th 2010, 10:20 AM

Originally Posted by RainOnMe View Post

No, I don't. Dogs are, by nature, wild animals. This is why they are raised in civilized society to be trained and taught what not to do. If the owner fails in raising the dog well, then it's the owners fault, not the dogs.
I never said it wasn't the owners fault, and I agree with that point entirely. I was just saying that some dogs have qualities which you can't "train out". Of course if the owner doesn't train the dog well, obviously blame is put onto the owner, that's just common sense. But I have heard that some of these cases of dogs mauling people have been done by, in most people who new the dog's eyes, a good dog who had been trained. You can only train out aggressive animal instinct to a certain extent.

And to those who said that dogs react to being hurt: You say that many of these dogs are good and only react to being provoked, which you say is fine and understandable. What about, if a child (Who knew no better and was just playing) pulled a dog's tail, and the dog reacted aggressively and seriously hurt the child. Yes, the dog was reacting on instinct, but is that really acceptable? It could have been a perfectly fine family dog, but just out on a walk, on a lead, and a child runs up... You cannot blame the dog for being what it is, but in some cases that is what it is and it isn't safe.

I would say all of these dogs susceptable to aggression should wear a muzzle, but I just think that that is kind of cruel. We have already selectively bred dogs to tailor our needs, they have to follow our every command etc... How would you feel with this mesh thing around your nose and mouth? It would just be a lot easier if people chose other breeds of dog instead of an aggressive one which they have to train and train and train and then lock its mouth up to prevent it injuring people...

I don't know, it's just how I feel.