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Re: continue applying for MA? - please help - November 1st 2010, 08:27 PM

Originally Posted by her_beautiful_mistake View Post
You want to do a classical MA regardless of whether or not you do this Middle Eastern Studies MA. Which will mean learning the classical languages at some point. They say its not essential but translate that to mean it is essential, and whilst you might as well give it a shot (if they say no you've not lost anything, but there is always the chance they'll say yes) that professor has basically told you no you need to go and learn Latin. So do that! You've said about how disappointed you are with your lack of knowledge so why don't you go and spend a year learning latin and greek, then apply for the MA you actually really want to do at the University you really want to go to.
Yeah. I think you're right. Its 50 to apply as well...which is a bit much. It just leaves the question begging, where do I go to learn Latin? I could do it in my own time, but then would I get it to degree standard in that time - and how would they know if I don't have any form of qualification. Its a bit of a conundrum. I'll ask my supervisor on Wednesday what to do about it...and if I should apply.

The thing is I could stay here and just do my MA, learn Latin and Greek and then do a PhD at Oxford...but am I right in being so vain as to take a year out just to have Oxford on my CV for my MA?

I wouldn't breathe a word to anyone about it in my life, except the couple of Professors I least here I can let loose desires like this...because I'm not that smart, I just put in hours and hours...and I could just do an MA here...