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getting a puppy to sleep in a cage ? - November 14th 2010, 10:41 AM

on friday night we bought our puppy home, but the problem is he wont sleep in his cage, he will cry ect, and will only sleep if he is on top of one of us, today we have put a ticking clock in his cage, and hes asleep at the moment in his cage, but if the ticking clock does not work tonight, what else can we do to help our puppy sleep, we dont want to spend to much money, on toys ect as he does have toys, we have been putting a hot water bottle in his cage in a cover with hot water from the hot tap, that hasnt really worked, so i was just wondering if the ticking clock in his cage does not work what else can we do to help him sleep ??? as at the moment it seems he will only sleep once he is lying on top of us. what else could we do to get our puppy to sleep ?

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