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Re: Boyfriend found my Livejournal. - March 15th 2011, 08:35 PM

Originally Posted by ~Constance~ View Post
Keady, if you ACTUALLY read my post you would see that I did not put anything on there. I am not keen on the intentions he had. Why would I post it there?

So, if you and your girlfriend had a fight, and she looked up EVERYTHING you had on the internet you would be perfectly fine about it, even if (like in my case) NOTHING was said about them?
To be honest, if she looked through my history with ill intentions I'd be a bit annoyed, but wouldn't really mind. But if it was googleing I wouldn't really mind that, and I would be perfectly fine with that.

And so what if you didn't actually put anything up, you're annoyed that he found your live journal and that still applies to everything I've said, and you've also mentioned your TH account which you obviously have posted things on.

And to be honest, how is having an interest in what you're writing on the internet snooping?...